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Wallbox – highest quality at the lowest possible price

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. This rise in popularity is not just because of fuel prices, but also due to the lack of harmful emissions during driving. Although we see more and more electric vehicles on the streets, the number of charging stations is not increasing as fast as electric vehicle owners would hope. If you are planning to buy an electric or hybrid car, but the limited number of charging stations is a concern for you, then Wallbox is the perfect solution for you. High-quality chargers are designed to charge electric and hybrid vehicles using AC. With them, you can charge your car without worrying about not finding a spot at a public charging station. Wallbox charging stations are weather-resistant and compatible with every electric and hybrid vehicle on the market.

Electric vehicle charging stations - what is Wallbox?

Having your own Wallbox is a convenient and, above all, safe alternative to public chargers. You can take this charger with you and charge your car anywhere you have access to electricity. Wallbox chargers can also be connected to the electrical grid and will charge your car using AC power up to a maximum of 22 kW. This solution allows you to control the entire charging process and charge any car faster.

Wallbox chargers in our store are not just ordinary car chargers. We offer models equipped with additional features, such as battery monitoring, charging time settings, and the ability to connect with a mobile app. Thanks to these solutions, you will save not only time but also money, as owning your charger will pay off over time. Wallbox chargers are also entirely safe to use. They come with added safety features that protect against overloading, voltage surges, and are short-circuit resistant.

Electric vehicle owners who cannot imagine searching for public charging stations and leaving their cars there should undoubtedly opt for private mobile Wallbox chargers. It’s also an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who want to make life easier for their employees by providing vehicle charging stations at the company building. Electric vehicle chargers are particularly cost-effective when they are connected to a property equipped with solar panels. In such a case, charging your car won’t cost a fortune.

Wallbox charging stations stand out for their simplicity in design and execution. Their operation is surprisingly straightforward, ensuring that even those without much experience can easily handle these devices. The design is versatile enough for any type of building, so there’s no need to worry that it might disrupt the aesthetics or won’t fit modern arrangements. Its minimalist design allows for placement anywhere without drawing unnecessary attention. The modern versions of Wallbox chargers are also equipped with RFID access control, allowing them to be placed in areas where access is not restricted to others.

Our charging stations also meet all safety requirements. In addition to checks during production stages, all chargers are tested before hitting the store shelves. We also provide high warranties, in agreement with the manufacturers, for each Wallbox charger individually. However, we assure that this reliable charger will serve you for many years of use, and you will never have to worry about charging your car again.

How long does it take to charge a car with a Wallbox charger?

Many factors influence the charging time, such as: charger power, battery capacity, and the current battery charge level. Depending on these factors, the charging time can vary significantly. Charging an electric car in a standard way, from 0 to 100%, can take up to half a day, depending on the car battery’s capacity. We have just under 3 kW of power, which is very little compared to such large batteries. Fast Wallbox chargers can charge a car of any battery capacity within 2-3 hours. These 22 kW chargers allow for quick and efficient charging of the car battery, thus reducing the time several times over. Admittedly, using such a charger requires a larger electrical installation and a 32A fuse, but even chargers with lower efficiency can charge a car much faster. The exact time to charge an electric car with a Wallbox charger can be checked in the car’s user manual or on the charger itself.

Electric cars are a revolution in the automotive industry, not just because of the money saved. These cars do not produce harmful exhaust while driving, which helps to cease the production of substances harmful to our respiratory systems. Modern vehicle charging stations can be placed anywhere there is access to electricity. Mobile Wallbox chargers can be taken with you on a trip and charge the car whenever you need it. With private chargers, we save ourselves from spending long hours at a public vehicle charging station.

Why choose us?

We are a company that values not only experience but also flexibility. We specialize in the sale of Wallbox chargers and also offer systems and technologies that support tasks in the transportation industry and beyond. We strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions tailored to their needs, ensuring they are fully satisfied and can maximize the potential of these solutions. The Wallbox chargers in our offer are reliable devices with a wide range of configuration options. The ability to connect to a mobile app via WiFi is just one of the many benefits of this device. Thanks to the WiFi connection, we can monitor and control the device from anywhere in the world where we have internet access. Our chargers are user-friendly, and anyone, without exception, will be able to learn how to use them in just a moment. The electric and hybrid car devices we offer, related to accelerating their charging, have been on the market for many years. Thanks to the manufacturer’s long-standing experience, they are among the best on the market. With us, you will find the lowest prices and the highest quality.

Most Wallboxes also have built-in colorful LCD displays, where all information related to the entire charging process can be read. In case of any irregularities, it will also display information about errors during use and suggest what to do. The use of such a solution will enable to completely avoid overvoltages and other dangerous situations that could lead to health or life-threatening situations for their users.

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What power of Wallbox charger will be the best?

Each of the chargers in our store has a different power and slightly different functions. We offer chargers that can be wall-mounted or placed on mounting posts. Throughout the entire purchase process, you will have the support of our entire team, which will help you choose the right charger, adapted to your capabilities and needs. However, before you decide on a specific model, think about what kind of charger you need. Wallbox chargers can have a power of up to 22 kW, which means that charging a car can take up to 5 hours. However, all their parameters depend on the installation at the charger’s mounting location.

Depending on the electrical installation in a given area (230 V and 400 V), the power of the device may vary. The most powerful and fastest are, of course, chargers connected to higher voltage, and they will charge our car in the shortest time possible. However, if our installation is a bit weak, you can also consider an additional connection that will increase the power of the installation. The durability of the fuses installed at the installation outlet depends on the connection power specified in the contract with the electricity supplier. If you want to increase or decrease this security in any way, you should also contact them in this matter. Choosing the right charger for our car will ensure not only fast charging, which is of course important, but it will not be burdensome for the installation. If you have doubts about which charger will be most suitable for you, contact us.

Are Wallbox chargers difficult to install?

Chargers from our store are high-quality devices that do not require specialized knowledge or equipment. Basic tools like a drill or a screwdriver are sufficient for installation. The whole process consists of two simple steps. After purchasing the Wallbox charger, you should find a suitable place for it where it will not bother anyone and will be easily accessible to users. On private property, it’s good to place the charger in the garage, but remember it requires enough space around the car. In a company building, it’s a good idea to set up the charger under a roof, not because it can get damaged by rain. Wallbox chargers are even IP66-rated for water resistance, which means that rain and water do not concern them. However, it’s worth protecting people who will charge their cars on our property from the rain. Finding the right place is basically the hardest part of the whole process. However, once the installation location is determined, you can proceed.

The previously mentioned drill and screwdriver will be useful at this stage of installation. Familiarizing yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions should be done before undertaking any actions. Properly screwing the mounting plate and the device itself is mostly done with the help of a mounting template, so there’s no need to measure distances or wonder if the Wallbox will be level. After installing the screws, simply attach the device to the plate and then remove the film.

The last step is connecting the Wallbox to the network and… CAUTION! It’s worth seeking the help of a qualified electrician or installer who has not only experience but also the necessary licenses. This ensures that everything is done according to recommendations and that the warranty period is not lost due to incorrect installation. It’s also a good idea to invite an electrician before installing the device and ask for help in choosing the Wallbox.