About the Company

Transport Technology – Fast and Tailored to Needs

We are INS MOBILE. We implement the latest technological solutions for transport, tailored to the needs of our customers.

In our collaboration with clients, we adopt a personalized approach.

We want to understand your needs and work together to address them.

We prioritize effective communication, partnership, and valuing both your time and ours.

What will you gain?

By working with us, you can:

  • pozycjonować i monitorować obiekty ruchome 24/7 dni, dzięki usłudze świadczonej przez Stację Monitorowania Pojazdów,
  • samodzielnie i w prosty sposób nadzorować własną flotę i personel,
  • tworzyć raporty i zestawienia na podstawie gromadzonych informacji, które są bez przerwy przesyłane przez urządzenie zainstalowane w lokalizowanym pojeździe,
  • unowocześniać i usprawniać działające już systemy w zależności do Twoich potrzeb.

How does it work? 4 Simple Steps

With 4 simple steps, you can quickly start using the system.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact us (you’ll find the contact form at the bottom of the page).

  2. Our specialist will introduce you to our offer, and you will share your needs with him.

  3. Together, we will choose the best solution for you.

  4. We will jointly implement systems tailored to your company.

After completing the 4 steps:

  • You can monitor the current location of the vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed.

  • You’ll gain access to the history of travelled routes.

  • You can continuously monitor the most important parameters of the vehicle.

These are just a few features – there are many more!

Why choose us – what sets us apart?

We value quality, time, and efficient communication.

Every client is our partner. Together, we choose the best solution for your company.

A specific specialist is responsible for each project, who, from the beginning of the collaboration, supports you with their knowledge and shares their experience.

After selecting our offer, installation will be efficient.

You will have a reliable service at your disposal.

You will receive a guarantee

Is it safe?

Collaborating with us is safe. We meet the certification requirements of the Ministry of Finance.

Moreover, all data is securely stored and properly protected.

CHECK if this offer is for you

Yes! Provided that…

  • If you have a transportation company or work in transportation,

  • you want to quickly implement the latest technological solutions,

  • you value your time and money as well as your company’s…


or you simply want to learn more about the best technological solutions in transportation.

We are happy to answer your questions.

Our clients include:

  • transportation and freight forwarding companies,

  • corporations employing salespeople,

  • courier companies,

  • security agencies.

Time flies! Don’t delay.

Let’s get to know each other! Every moment is precious, and we value your time.

Call us or send an email. You can leave your details below, and we will take care of the rest.

Together, let’s choose what’s best for you – swiftly and tailored to your needs.